Learn Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan

Learn Mandarin Chinese In Taiwan

Learn Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan

Taiwan is a great place to study Mandarin. Some of the best reasons to come to Taiwan is for the friendly people and convenient transportation system.

People in Taiwan enjoy a high quality of life with many wonderful places to travel to. Life in Taiwan just feels nice and energetic.

Why Learn Mandarin In Taiwan

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by almost 20% of the world’s population. That is more than a billion Mandarin speakers. People who are fluent in English and Mandarin will have an advantage in the work place and gain access to more opportunities than those who can only speak English.

The demand for professionals fluent in Mandarin will only increase in the foreseeable future. Getting a better job or more business opportunities is definitely the top reason to learn Mandarin.

However, learning Mandarin is also about opening a whole new world and being immersed in a unique culture. The journey is the greatest reward of becoming fluent. I highly recommend learning Mandarin Taiwan where you can have plenty of unforgettable experiences.

What Taiwan Has To Offer

Taiwan Chinese Academy believes that sharing the Mandarin language and Taiwanese culture is the greatest gift we can give to students. We want to introduce Taiwan to Mandarin language learners because we believe Taiwan has a lot to offer.

In Taiwan, there are more than 20 million Mandarin speakers. Taiwan is democratic so you would be able to enjoy freedoms such as free speech and Facebook. Taiwan has better air quality, safer streets, better food, and is more convenient.

Taiwan also has plenty of amazing destinations to experience such as Yushan, Taipei 101, Taroko Gorge, night markets, and the National Palace Museum.

Traditional Characters

In Taiwan, you can also learn traditional characters. Traditional characters are more elegant than simplified characters. There is meaning in traditional characters that you would otherwise miss in simplified characters.

Traditional   vs   Simplified

愛    爱

The traditional character of ‘love’ 愛 (ài) contains the character of ‘heart’ 心 (xīn) but in the simplified character of ‘love’ 爱 the heart is replaced with ‘one’ 一 (yī). The simplified ‘love’ 爱 has no heart so the meaning of ‘loving with our heart’ is lost.

Students who start with learning traditional characters would also have an easier time switching to simplified if necessary.

Taiwan’s Mandarin Sounds Better

(A Biased Opinion)

Mandarin in China has a rough accent while Mandarin in Taiwan has a soft clear accent. The Taiwanese Mandarin accent is like a melody that is pleasing to the ears. There are also expressions that are very different between Taiwan and China. In Taiwan, we would call a waitress 小姐(xiǎojiě) which is literally “miss” and in China they will call a waitress 服務員 (fúwùyuán) which is literally “service attendent”. The accent in Taiwan, choice of words, and general manner of the Taiwanese people just feels more polite.

Learn Chinese In Taipei

Taiwan also has many Universities with Mandarin centers. The two top universities for learning Chinese are National Taiwan University (NTU) and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) in Taipei City.

The advantage of living in Taipei is it is very convenient and lively at night. It will cost a bit more to stay in

  • 國立臺灣大學

    National Taiwan University 國立臺灣大學 (guólì táiwān dàxué) is also known as 臺大 (Taida).

NTU is the most prestigious University in Taiwan and has the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) and the Chinese Language Division (CLD).

The ICLP is an intensive, total immersive Chinese language program that is mostly for graduate students and it is quite expensive (about US$4000).

The CLD is the more popular choice for most students. It is also more affordable compared to the ICLP.

Prices for the CLD are:
NT$29,100 for Winter
NT$35,000 for Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

  • 國立臺灣師範大學

    National Taiwan Normal University 國立臺灣師範大學 (guólì táiwān shīfàn dàxué) is also known as 師大 (Shida).

NTNU has the Mandarin Training Center (MTC) and is a favorite choice for international students.

Price for MTC’s intensive 15 hours per week program is:
NT$32,400 for three months.

These programs can grant Resident Visas for studying Mandarin Chinese. The requirement is to have 15 hours of class per week for 3 months.

Here is a list of Mandarin Learning Centers that you can get a visa from.

  • Taiwan Chinese Academy

    Taiwan Chinese Academy is a private Mandarin language school in Taipei.

Taiwan Chinese Academy is a charming & friendly Mandarin language school in the heart of Taipei City. We are right between NTU and NTNU. Our amazing teachers makes our school the best choice for students who are looking for flexible Mandarin Chinese courses.

A charming & friendly Mandarin language school in the heart of Taipei City.
Learn Chinese In Tainan

The advantage of learning Chinese in Tainan is the cheaper cost of living and the rich Taiwanese culture. Tainan also has one of the best schools in Taiwan to learn Mandarin.

  • 國立成功大學

    National Cheng Kung University 國立成功大學 (guólì chénggōng dàxué) is also known as 成大 (Chengda).

In Tainan, there is National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). It has a prestigious Chinese Language Center that is one of the top places in the world to learn Chinese.

Price for small group classes:
Winter and Summer: NT$28,300.
Spring and Autumn: NT$31,100.

Enjoy Taiwan!

Right now, these are the best places to learn Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan. Where ever you choose to study, I am sure you will have an amazing time. Taiwan is a truly remarkable place to call home. Do your best to learn Chinese, but don’t forget to have fun!

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