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Taiwan is an amazing place to explore and learn Mandarin in an immersive environment. TCA would like to welcome you with our Taiwanese hospitality. We love to share Taiwanese tea and treats for guests who decide to come by.

2018 National Holiday Schedule

Taiwan Chinese Academy will be closed for all National Holidays. Students will not be charged for these dates.

Jan 1 New Year’s Monday
Feb 15 – Feb 20 Chinese New Year Thursday – Tuesday
Feb 28 228 Peace Memorial Day Wednesday
Apr 4 – 6 Tomb Sweeping Day Wednesday – Friday
May 1 Labor Day Tuesday
June 18 Dragon Boat Festival Monday
Sep 24 Mid Autumn Festival Monday
Oct 10 National Day Wednesday


Friendly places we recommend to get a good night’s sleep.

Homey Hostel is a sociable and friendly accommodation located near Taipei Main Station and Beimen Station. Beimen Station is just five stations away from Taiwan Chinese Academy.


Inn Apartment offers fully furnished and elegantly designed short term monthly rentals with multiple locations. Their Gongguan Flagship and Taipower Building locations are within walking distance.


Taiwan Adventures

Currently, we only arrange activities upon request. Feel free to ask the front desk! Students of Taiwan Chinese Academy can request for cultural activities by email or at the front desk.

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