Hello We Are TCA

Hello, We Are Taiwan Chinese Academy

Hello, We Are Taiwan Chinese Academy

Hello! We are Taiwan Chinese Academy, a charming & friendly Mandarin language school located in the heart of Taipei City.

  • 你好 - Hello

    nǐ hǎo

TCA helps people explore the beautiful island of Taiwan while becoming fluent in Chinese. Even if you feel that Mandarin is too hard, our native Taiwanese teachers will make it enjoyable and easy to learn Chinese.

Our mission is to introduce Taiwan to Mandarin language learners because we believe that you will discover some of the best times of your life on our beautiful island. Taiwan Chinese Academy helps you explore Taiwan and learn Chinese for an experience and language you will never forget.

You can come to Taiwan, live in Taipei, be immersed in our culture, eat delicious food, and learn Chinese.

Learn Mandarin

Our group classes are 6 students max so you can receive the attention you need from your teacher. We offer courses for students of all levels.

Practice speaking & listening

Learn useful daily Chinese

Small class size with more attention

Skill up fast with homework & tests

We Care

We really care about your experience and your goals. We have transparent pricing that is posted on our website and we do not charge for holidays and dangerous weather when classes are cancelled.

In Taiwan, it is mandatory to take the day off on a national holiday or a typhoon day. TCA believes that it is only fair that students are not charged for missed classes that are mandatory.

Some Mandarin institutes will not tell you about Taiwan’s holidays or bad weather until you have already paid in full and you are committed. With TCA, you can pay us week by week and we will work hard to keep you coming back.

This guarantees that we will do our best to give you the service you deserve and the education you need. We want all our students to be TCA happy.

Ni hao means hello in Mandarin.

Email us at nihao@tcamandarin.com and say hello!

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New to Taipei?

Here are some tips for getting around or finding a place to stay in Taipei.

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